Graphics & Design

Video Editing

Filming takes short time while editing is the part where producers will bring your story come alive, touch the hearts of your audiences and win the valuable trust and reliability on your product or services, any length of video is edited here in Animationbd for absolutely amazing price, and most importantly gives you the ability of adding VFX, editing in post or pre and details anytime you wish!

  • Pre or post production of editing
  • Shot stabilization, color correction etc.
  • VFX, Animation and Simulation
  • Quoted based on per minute of video

Brand Identity & Strategy

Branding is the most powerful tool for marketing your services or product, tangible or non-tangible, secret formula for successful marketing is in fact brand identity and strategic implementation. Graphics design plays the most role for establishment of your very own brand, here in Animationbd researches in-depth, acquire vital information and draw you up a plan that leads to frequent sales.

  • Corporate brand and business dev.
  • Design solution for all brand touchpoint
  • Personal, Co, Digital or Cause branding
  • Research, clarifying strategy & designing

Logo Design & Branding

An effective logo is a vital touchpoint of brand identity and strategy, a starting point where your business would be defined to your niche customers. Animationbd offers a well establish final logo for your product that defines your branding ensuring to help your customer relate your brand faster than your fellow competitors easily, a vision and because that stands out through an out of the box unique logo will be designed for you from scratch.

  • Hand drawings of potential logo
  • Graphics design for key brand elements
  • Static and animated logo offered
  • Quoted based on per logo design project

Banner Design

Banner design is super important in this era, clicks on your page doesn't mean anything anymore, online advertisers are embracing an impression that your publishers can view which has a standard that helps growing your brand simultaneously. According to Vizu, 80% of brand marketers increased their display ad budgets or kept at same level in 2019.

  • Static or animated Web banner ads
  • Social Media and ad camp compatible
  • Click through banner campaigns
  • Quoted based on per sets of banner ad.

Flyers & Brochure Design

As long print media is up and kicking alive, flyer and brochures will continue to play the vital role for reaching out to your potential target audiences in shorter amount of time for smaller amount of investment, a very cost effective yet great tool to promote your product or services offline. With flyer or brochure advertising, you won’t need wait for a long time to get a response since it is replied instantaneously. 

  • Low Speedy lead generation
  • Low expense of advertising
  • Creative and Old School
  • Quoted based on per design.


Infographics are reacted three times more than other any other form of your content on social media. The demand for infographics is high, marketers who use infographics grow in traffic an average of 12% more than those that don’t. Which is why you can take advantage of your market to develop an infographic animation or static frame to boost engagement, high quality infographics of your product and services are to read 30x more than text articles.

  • Visualized Article, Flowchart, Timeline
  • Useful Bait, Versus, Data Vis.
  • Animated Infographics with sound
  • Quoted based on per infographics

Photo Editing

Photo editing is one of the most efficient way to make ads for your product, it saves time, all it takes you to source an image which will be manipulated in every possible direction to stand out, photo editing is popular choice for many reason to bump your production value, mostly because one great click can tell many untold stories and let your audience learn your services in greater detail.

  • Photo retouching or Image Masking
  • Clipping Path editing service
  • Cost effective and faster delivery
  • Quoted based on per lot of image.